WEGAD 2019 Calendar

WEGAD Calendar is an annual calendar of significant dates and of activities of WEGAD and other stakeholders of Women Empowerment, Gender and Development in Ghana.

January 2019

  • Thursday - 31st January 2019

    WEGAD Report Launch

February 2019

  • Friday, 8th March

    International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • Thursday - 14th February

    Chocolate Day

March 2019

  • Friday, 8th March

    International Women's Day
  • Thursday, 28th March

    WEGAD Directory Release

April 2019

  • Tuesday, 2nd April

    World Autism Day
  • Thursday, 25th April

    WEGAD Workshop

May 2019

  • Sunday, 12th May

    Mother's Day
  • Tuesday, 28th May

    Menstrual Hygiene Day
  • Thursday, 30th May

    WEGAD Forum

June 2019

  • Thursday, 27th June

    WEGAD Workshop

July 2019

  • July

    WEGAD Honours Nominations Open
  • Tuesday, 30 July

    World Day against Trafficking in Persons

August 2019

  • Thursday, 29th August

    WEGAD Workshop

September 2019

  • Thursday, 26th September

    WEGAD Report Release

October 2019

  • October

    Month Long Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Tuesday, 1st October

    International Day of Older Persons
  • Friday, 11th October

    International Day of the Girl Child
  • Tuesday, 15th October

    International Day of Rural Women
  • Thursday - 31st October

    WEGAD Workshop

November 2019

  • Monday, 25th November

    International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (also White Ribbon Day)
  • Saturday - 30th November

    WEGAD Honours

December 2019

  • Tuesday, 3rd December

    International Day of Disabled Persons
  • Thursday, 19th December

    WEGAD Forum & End of Year Networking